Smartphones in the hands of kids

It´s common to see smartphones in the hands of kids today at an increasingly early age.
The current entry level is as young as age of 7.

Parents can warn their kids about the dangers involved, but sooner or later misuse leads to trouble, conflicts and desperation on the parents side. We analyzed this situation and have set our goal in developing a functional, easy-to-use child protection app.

Now you can give your kid a smartphone without any fear or worry.

Watch the trailer below.

Protect Your Kid - Functions overview

  • Block the smartphones system access individually
  • Set indivdual time restrictions for each app e.g.
    • as time slots for certain hours per day
    • as time volumes for a certain duration per day
  • Prevent app installs
  • Prevent in-app purchases
  • Clear predefined time restrictions with one click
  • Subscription plans: monthly / 3-month-plan / 6-month-plan / yearly
    • starting from 3,91 EUR per month ( yearly subscription )
  • free of commercials

► Download the App in the GooglePlayStore.

Protect Your Kid App